AutoRhythmGuitar and AutoMashUpper

M.McVicar, M.Davies, P.Hamel, K.Yoshii*1, S.Fukayama, M.Goto

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) , *1Kyoto University


  • AutoRhythmGuitar automatically composes rhythm guitar parts in tablature notation from an input chord sequence.
  • The sequence is automatically segmented into sections.


  • Training rhythms are then clustered into an appropriate number of clusters based on the structural segmentation.
  • n-gram models are then built for each chord type (major, minor, dominant 7th, …) directly in the tablature space.
  • Tablature is then produced by a random walk over the model, biased by the distance between states to increase tab playability.
  • Below: example output in the style of 5 different guitarists over a C major chord.



  • AutoMashUpper creates “mashups” of existing songs, creating new compositions without the need for musical training.
  • Beat-synchronous chromagrams per phrase describe the evolution of the pitch classes in a particular song.
  • The “mashability” between an input song and each song in a database is then calculated.
  • Mashability is calculated not only from rhythmic and harmonic similarity but also spectral balance.


AutoMashUpper has four modes of operation:

  1. Album/artist mode – mashes with a fixed album or artist.
  2. Style mode – mashes restricted to genre: J-pop, rock, etc.
  3. Forced mashup mode – mashes up two given songs.
  4. Musician mode – uses isolated recordings such as vocals or bass guitar and mashes to existing songs.